Can I email you my request?

Doh! No, of course not - its the Analogue Web Portal, silly. Write to us instead.
How to write a Letter
For this task you'll need:
  • writing implement e.g. pen or pencil
  • paper
  • envelope
  • postage stamp or similar
  • access to your local postal service
Here's what to do:
  1. top right of the paper: write your name & postal address
  2. just below that: put the current date
  3. a bit lower down on the left: write the name & postal address of who you're writing too
  4. under that: put the traditional salutation of your culture e.g. Dear Real Institute,
  5. under that: write all the other stuff you need to talk about
  6. add a bit of pleasant chit-chat, talk about what you've been up to recently or maybe how your sciatica is faring
  7. under that: : put the traditional sign-off phrase of your culture e.g. Yours faithfully,
sign your name at the bottom
  1. fold up the letter and put it in the envelope
  2. seal the envelope
  3. write the name and address of who you're writing to on the front of the envelope
  4. take it to the Post Office or your local equivalent
  5. put a postage stamp on it
  6. post it in a Post Box or your local equivalent

What do I put in my Letter?

Tell us:
  • where you want to go on the internet
  • which service you want to use
  • if using the Premium Service, which Expert you want to use
  • something nice
Don't forget:
  • your payment
more details
make sure you include all these things in your letter:
  • your name and address
  • the web page you want to visit - help
  • which serviceStandard or Premium
    you want to use Standard or Premium
  • Premium Service only: the name of the Expert you want to use - select from the Premium Service Expert Roster
  • payment: see Tariff

When do I pay you?

Pay us when you send your first letter request. Requests without payment can't be processed. See Tariff for current rates.

Can't I get this service for free?

Yes. Standard Service requests are currently being processed for free!

How do I describe where I want to go on the internet?

Describe it however you like and we'll interpret your request to the best of our ability.
alternatively use these formats
Use one of the following request formats to ensure success:


  • e.g. "please go to the following web site: www.BeeDressingDogs.com"

Interpretive Search (for more adventurous Surfers)

  • e.g. "please take the following term and interpret it however you feel best: dogs dressed as bees"

Search Engine

  • e.g. "please search for the following term in a search engine and select the top result: dogs dressed as bees -poodle"
  • e.g. "please search for the following term in a search engine and select a website at random: dogs dressed as bees -poodle"
  • e.g. "please search for the following term in a search engine and choose a website you like the look of: dogs dressed as bees -poodle"

Where does all the money go?

Standard Service

The small fees paid contribute to the running costs of the project.
No one gets paidStandard Service Experts work voluntarily for the sheer joy of making the internet a better place.
. No profit is madeReal Institute is a not-for-profit association - any surplus income helps make more great projects.

Premium Service

90% of your the Expert's fee goes straight to your chosen artist. 10% helps run the project - just as described in the Standard Service above.

Do I own the rendered page? Who has copyright?

Standard Service

You are the owner of the rendered page. Real Institute retains copyright.

Premium Service

You are the owner of the rendered page. The Expert (artist) retains copyright. Real Institute may reproduce free-of-charge for illustration or promotion of its activities.

What is Real Institute anyway?

Founded in 2000 and operating as a metamorphic collective, Real Institutue is a non-profit association initiating arts projects in Wales and beyond. For more information see real.institute