This isn't the Analogue Web Portal ... but it is the official website with the information you need to make your internet experience enjoyable again.

What is the Analogue Web Portal?

Working with a team of specially trained experts, a bundle of pencils, a stack of paper and the international postal system this innovative service enables anyone in the world to visit the now legendary INTERNET without the need for a computer.

How does it work?

Its all very simple - all you need is pen and paper, an envelope and postage:

number one Decide what web page you wish to visit.
number two Request that page on a letter.
number three Post your letter to Real Institute.
number four Wait a while, sit back and enjoy your life for a bit.
number five Receive your web page hand-rendered on a Real Piece of Paper and delivered to your door.
number six View your web page!

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Live Launch

Real Institute's Analogue Web Portal launches with a pilot live interactive performance at Oriel Davies Gallery, 22 & 23 June.