To further enhance your internet experience, we have a team of professional artists specially trained to operate the Analogue Web Portal as Premium Service ExpertsReal Experts featuring on the Premium Service roster have been specially trained in its operation and have an arts background with a high level of professional artistic expertise. These artists set their own three parameters which govern how much they get paid, the speed at which they work and the level of detail in their drawing.
You can choose one of them be your personal Expert during your analogue Web Portal session and they will render your pages for you. This added value is naturally reflected in the fee you'll need to pay them.

Each Expert has three set parameters to assist you in your choice:
  • feeamount you pay each time you access the Analogue Web Portal using the Premium Service; set by each artists e.g. 50p a page or £50,000 per page.
     - amount you pay each time you request a page
  • bandwidthlow, medium or high; indication of how much detail might appear on the page e.g. a quick Quentin Blake style 'sketch would be 'low' bandwidth while highly detailed Heironymus Bosch style would be 'high' bandwidth.
     - how much detail will appear on the page
  • latencyan indication of how long it might take the artist to create the page e.g. three days or three years.
     - how long it will take the artist to render the page

Premium Service Experts

Fern Thomas

award winning artist exploring the ecological, archetypal and mythological world around her

Lesley Guy

artist, writer and curator interested using found materials to explore the real and the absurd

Lisa Carter

paintings referencing landscape through expressive, gestural marks and clever use of materials where chance always plays a part

Megan Broadmeadow

sculptor, painter and a performance artist creating new mythologies with street theatre, carnival and disco cultures

Sam Aldridge

visual artist and curator using readily available materials, including corrugated card, coloured paper and electrical goods

Steffan Jones-Hughes

artist and curator producing attractive drawings including drawing, etching and woodcuts which, like Grimms tales, can have a dark side

More Premium Experts from around the world coming soon. If you're a brilliant artist and would like to be a Premium Expert contact us.