Megan Broadmeadow's work finds its origin in customs and folklore, yet mixes in references to current popular phenomena to re-examine the position and relevance of these traditions in today's society. The resulting fabricated new mythologies are a hybridization of street theatre, carnival and disco cultures.
Megan has worked extensively as a solo performer and artist since 2002.
Alongside her practice she has also been artist in residence for a number of community and national organisations. Collaboratively she has worked with Real Institute since 2005 and is a founding member of Faff Arts Collective and PGRG. She has devised, co-ordinated and participated in a wide variety of projects with all these collectives.
She is also director of Theatr Cynefn, and has devised and directed four immersive theatre productions working with large casts of professional artists and community volunteers.
Megan completed her BA in Sculpture from The Slade in 2002 and is currently undertaking an MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College.


Originally from Wales now based in London, England.



  • Fee: £80
  • Bandwith: medium
  • Latency: 2 months

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