How it Works

Real Institute has a team of specially trained ExpertsWe rely on Real Experts, specially trained to operate the Analogue Web Portal. They come in two flavours:
Standard Service & Premium Service.
standing by to render your page.
All you need is pen and paper, postage and time. Write to us, tell us where on the internet you want to go. We'll post back your rendered page, hand-drawn on a Real Piece of Paper.

Six Simple Steps

InfoGraphics for Real Institute's Analogue Web Portal

number one Decide: choose where on the web you want to go.
number two Request: write a letter asking to visit the web page, selecting either:
  • the Standard Service - cheap or free but no choice which Expert draws your page
  • the Premium Service - can cost more but you get to choose an Expert from our roster of professional artists to render your page
number three Post: post your letter to Real Institute.
number four Wait: sit back and enjoy your life for a bit.
number five Receive: your web page is delivered to you rendered on a Real Piece of Paper.
number six View: enjoy your web page! Then either:
  • continue your session: perhaps you want to click a menu button or follow a link on the page - send us a new letter explaining what you want to do - go to step 2.
  • start a new session: visit different, un-linked web-page - go to step 1.

Standard Service

This is the cheap default option. Real Experts operating the Standard Service have been specially trained in its operation but may or may not have an arts background or level of professional artistic expertise. You cannot choose your Expert.
See Tariff for current rate. Requests are currently being processed for free!

Premium Service

Often a more expensive option. Real Experts operating as part of the Premium Service roster have been specially trained in its operation and have an arts background with a high level of professional artistic expertise. You choose your Expert.
To assist you in your choice, each Expert has three associated parameters:
  • feeamount you pay each time you access the Analogue Web Portal using the Premium Service; set by each artists e.g. 50p a page or £50,000 per page.
     - amount you pay each time you request a page
  • bandwidthlow, medium or high; indication of how much detail might appear on the page e.g. a quick Quentin Blake style 'sketch' would be 'low' bandwidth while highly detailed Heironymus Bosch style would be 'high' bandwidth.
     - how much detail will appear on the page
  • latencyan indication of how long it might take the Expert to create the page e.g. three days or three years.
     - how long it will take the artist to render the page